Twin-one of two offspring produced in the same pregnancy and developed from one oocyte (monozygotic) or from two oocytes (dizygotic) fertilized at the same time.The most common type of monozygotic twinning, with division of the inner cell mass of the blastocyst resulting in separate amnions but a single chorion and placenta; a rare form of monozygotic twinning, with complete division of the embryonic disc resulting in two embryos in a single amniotic sac with a single placenta and chorionic sac; monozygotic twinning with division occurring between the two-cell and morula stages to produce identical blastocysts, resulting in separate amniotic and chorionic sacs and either separate or fused placentas; dizygotic twinning, with or without fusion of the placenta and chorion.HAHA.enough for the information.I'm here to introduce a pair of great twin that I really adore.

-Amir Ridwan
-Abang / Ipin
-30th July 1990
-Rubik solvent :PP
-nice to hang out with
-sharp shooter (HAHA)
-kind hearted, etc

-Amir Ihsan
-Adik / Upin
-30th July 1990
-full of humour
-easy outgoing
-a very good friend, etc

-are guys (of cause)
-romeo :D
-top man models (HAHA)
-bowling people
-games addictive
-sporting gileeee
-uitm dungun's students
-psp candidates :pp
-cam whore
-suke mengada :)

How Do I Recognise Them?
-muke same, style same, panggil je name klw tak taw.HAHA
-selalu pakai speck (adik), tp tataw lah abg pakai jugak ke
-yg pakai celcom & digi adalah abg
-yg pakai hotlink & celcom adalah adik
-yg mengada sgt adalah adik, tp abg lebih mengada nye
-bising2 adalah abg, tp adik lagi lah bising
-yg suke kacau rambut saya adalah abg
-lain2 belum kenal pasti lagi :)

p/s: whatever it is, you guys are rockkk :DD
araBadrul :))


NymNym said...

rindu dierang!
sayam dierang!

Anonymous said...

rinduuu anym lebihhh :DD

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