i wake up earlier than yesterday (11.30 am), since today is better than yesterday so i hope tomorrow would be much better than today. Hehe.
I received a call from celcom that my celcom number can be functioning well.
Hampeh. i was waiting for almost 2 months n now only i get the confirmation. Bodo tul.
I've told my mum about it but she just simply laugh at me. grammmmm...
its not my intention to change my number again even this is not my 1st time lol I just damn fucking tired of using hotlink..
friends, if u really need my new phone number, u can ask me through my old number I'm still using the old one though. I've told my ssf about it n seems like they are really happy with the changes.
however there's still no reply from Firdaus. does he really mad at me.. huhhh..I'm sorry dearrr..
aite. to make my day become better, i found that it is good to get some humour to chill so i would like to share it hopefully these could bring you smile tooo :DD

The Other Side
two dungus are on opposite sides of a lake.
one dungu yells to the other, "How do u get to the other side?"
"you a-r-e on the other side," yells the other dungu.

When I Was Born
A : How old is your father?
B : As old as me.
A : How can that be?
B : He became a father only when I was born.

Q: Were you long at the hospital?
A: No, I was the same size that I am now!

Speak English
Tourist : Do u speak English?
K. Wah : No.

Do I look like a Mat Salleh??
After returning back from a foreign trip, Shokalingam asked his wife,
"Do I look like a foreigner?"

"No!" replied his wife. "why?"

"Because," said Shokalingam, "In London, a lady asked me, 'Are u a foreigner?'"

Great Men
One tourist from U.S.A asked Munusamy,
"Any great man born in this village???"

Munusamy replied, "No sir, only small babies!"

Hospital Canteen
"My name is Cheong S Wong."

"What does the 'S' stand for?"

"Nothing. My father dropped a noodle on my birth certificate
while he was dining at the hospital canteen."


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