A post from Radin Mohd Fadli titled 'Money or Love' has knocked my heart to pour my own view here.Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to again him. Here are just some thoughts, what I can see 'through my eyes' (promote)about money...I've found a phrase from his blog; "money isn't's the only thing" that I never heard before.Thanks abg Fadli. :) but still money can't buy you love-its truth or fiction? Hmm..

Am I safe to assume that we all want to improve our lives, regardless of where we are and our level of accomplishment? Good, then let's talk about it.. Specifically, let's talk about money and how our feelings about it affect our lives.

Money is a charged topic. For me, it contributes to relationship stress and failure; it motivates some to resort to crime and others to excel in their fields. Overall, it triggers a wide range of behaviors and emotions in us. While many are comfortable with money many more experience an emotional roller coaster just thinking about it..

Since money is something we encounter almost every single day of our lives, shouldn't we feel at ease with it? Shouldn't we welcome it into our lives and feel blessed by it? Hmm..
How is it that so many negatives have become associated with money (money doesn't grow on trees, filthy rich, money doesn't buy you happiness, etc)? And how is it that many of us have adopted these negatives as truth?

Well, we all know that money is not inherently good or bad, it does not buy us health or happiness (maybe better healthcare, less stress), nor does it ensure life or love. Money is simply a means to allow us to exchange goods and services. :) In a more general sense it has the exact value and benefit that someone assigns to it. If you believe that money is good, so will you experience your life around it.. If on the other hand you view money as bad and don't want to deal with it, your experiences with money most likely will be negative and troublesome. HAHA. Let me suggest that what we believe and how we feel about money affects our lives to a much greater extent than most of us are aware of.. Just find out what you think and how you feel about money.

Check your beliefs: do they serve you or hold you back?
What were your family's beliefs about money when growing up? What are their beliefs today? Ask yourself how your friends feel about money. Listen to your self talk about money. Is it that you cannot afford something or that you ask "how can I afford it"? It is said that what you focus on expands, that which you give energy to will grow. Remember, that this principle applies to positive and negative energy alike. What are your beliefs? Do they serve you well or hold you back?

Take stock: where am I today?
Making changes in any area of our lives begins with taking inventory of where we are? Where are you financially? What are your assets and your liabilities? What is your credit rating? How much money do you make, how much do you spend and how much do you save? How well do you stick to your budget? Do you have an investment and/or retirement program? What is the health of your financial house?

Ask yourself: where do I want to go.
Do you want to retire early or not at all? Do you want to get by, be comfortable or be rich? Having a specific goal in mind is crucial. Be as clear and concise as you can. Remember, goals are not written in stone but are fluid and develop and grow with us. Without a clear goal it is difficult to follow a map or use any tools that might be available to you. Take stock of where you are today and where you want to go. Start this process today, start now.

AraBadrul :)

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