Recently I've checked USM website and I noticed that I have to attend the Munsyi test. I guess thats the first step for me to enter university, if i ever get an offer from them.
The test will be held in KmpH (tomorrow), means i have to stay in Kuantan another 2days.At 1st, i really have no idea about the test.but then after doing some researches, in my opinion Munsyi test is more like a psychological evaluation about the candidate.
They practically ask all sorts of question about yourself, your personality, religion, strengths, weaknesses, etc.Kinda the same test that some of us went through when we applied for scholarship..
Even some school counselors gave sample test on this, I know SMART does too. however, all the matriculation students didn't get any briefing or tips on how the real test looks like.
According to my sis too, the test is like a survey form, with some useless questions and some related questions.
It seems about 310 questions on that sheet of paper and possibly objective, no typo. or maybe questions are basically a Yes or No question or Agree or Disagree questions. You can answer them very fast and no need to worry about having enough time to answer them or not.However to answer 310 questions in an hour gotta be crazy.
Damn, I hope this won't affect my application. and wish me luck!


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ivink said...

wahhhhh.....u jz described it tooooooo welll n detail dear, y dun u explainne to me b4 tat????

AraBadrul said...

u didnt ask... i've post this jz b4 the exm ok

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