Err.. Hello?

Well first of all I'm so sorry for not keeping an update here.

Sigh.These previous days I feel like a loser.It's like everyone is planning out their future here and there, whereas I just sit there and do nothing, like opportunities will somehow fall from the sky for me :( Well not like I'm not planning to do anything, it's just I'm still unsure of what I want.

No doubt, I had some breakdown moments and am so grateful for my family and friends that is always there to encourage and pacified me. Thank you everyone!

*adjust and compose my breathe*

So what have I been up to lately?
2days ago, I spent my time with my lovely girls.
Mira & Nea. I gotta write about them soon. soon ya babies.

And here, yesterday, my uncle came.
Meet my 2nd boyfriend, the one who slept with me last night.
Megat Haziq Ikhwan,1yearold,married by me :)

i miss him.i miss my friends. i miss my lovely besties.
duhh. i miss everyone. i miss you!

oh ya. shubby & iqi, berjuang demi industri blog tanah air ya :D
okay. tido time! tata


Dzul said...

hoihoho saya perjuangkan blog n bahasa melayu!!~

ara. said...

tak abes2 kisah bhs melayu anda ya bang oi

NymNym said...

comelnye budak kecik ni.
macam aku :)

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