Good For A Change

I have been writing all sorts of emo stuff lately that I was starting to wonder if I'll ever write anything about what's going on in my life that is not about emo-ness? To my readers, whoever you may be, I'm so sorry. But now, I'm okayyyy & happy :D

To my dear cousin Amir,

Thanks for the advise that you gave me. It brought me back to reality after hearing them. I now have a new purpose and a new goal -to be a better person and be an all-rounder.
I will do my best to take care of myself about personal matters and not lie to myself or anyone anymore. Your advise has shown me a new path. Thank you again, so much :)

Oh this is my sister's pet,
the real name was lumpy but now changing to


Not me, her bf named it one! I was telling him how lumpy looks like Robot-Cop but he said no, it's cyclop, then my sis says don't want, then out of nowhere he pops up a Robo-lump. =.=

By the way, I actually went and google-d images of cyclops and it's damn geli! Sent me goosebumps all over. urgh, eww.

Okie dokie peeps, I'm so tired now so till next time! Take care and toodles =]


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NymNym said...

ara, smoge ceria sokmo!
jangan emo emo dah k?

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