I can handle pain until it hurts.

this morning, my phone rang.
it was
him from yesterday's entry.
i kept silent, no answer.i closed my eyes back and sleep again with the phone hang.
sorry-sorry-sorry that's all i heard
he was blaming himself for those bloody fcking shits he gave me.
enough! Don't be so humble - you are not that great.
i know you are FAKE!
you annoyed me. Thank you :|
(i will forgive you,soon.but not now)

my exam result is coming. I'm gonna wait for the postman tomorrow.
pls don't ask me how much i get. I'm not going to answer. Hehe..

I'd just talk to yda. she canceled our plan to find our part time job together..

actually i was about to sleep just now but i can' old friend, Angel called me.
I told her that I can't talk too long cause I got headache at that time..
her advise,
If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle:
'Take two, and

why do i need to tell you huh? nothing, just beware. Don't get me mad.
thats all.

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Anonymous said...

nasihat kawan tu sgt ikhlas kan hehehe

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