I found some pictures of cats in photobucket and I decided to put it in my blog for fun.
suke aty aku lah kan!

Cat Tired
A cat tries to change the batteries on a remote control. Of course, paws are no match for human hands and little kitty is all out of energy.And the cat says, "man, i can never put that cap back on the remote control..Sob sob..,"
Cat blinds the dog
hey, get your paws off my eyes!..

Cat gets a massage
ohh my glad to have you as my wife..

Cat prays
oh god..let me catch a good trout tonight

Kitty goes inside a bag
what do you think of my new baju raya?
isn't it nice with me..

Super Cat is on the block and ready to kick butt.

All criminals better watch out, not to get scratched!

p/s: caption hanya rekaan semata-mata okay :)


ahmdsyhmi said...

Kucing no 5 comel.


NymNym said...

haha. suke suke suke blog ni! :)

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