Came and gone

You came to me in the sweetest way, exactly the right time when i need it, holding my hand and show me the way. You brought me joy and friendship. But all of sudden, you pull your hand back for the sake og your loves one and that's it.ssf now is incomplete. The end. Thanks for the memories :]

Those words above is really dedicated to someone.
and, Anym, I'll always be there for you n promise don't you ever leave me okay.
Okay. Enough :]


Yesterday,I met yusufe just for a while since he got something to sttle with his dad. Then hanging out at BB with new friends, well actually a couple.
Mie & Tyra.


HOT HOT HOT!!! Panasnya nowadays! I feel like I'm in a big microwave! What this? Cold, complain. Hot? Also complain! God.
But if we are in overseas right now, surely you'll feel really glad with this kind of weather. Why? Because you can see skins everywhere!

lol bikini ^^

gtg. bye bye.

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