Hello UTHM and goodbye KMPH.....

I'll be leaving to Johor tomorrow. I'm busy packing up my things and I might be really busy for the orientation thingy for the whole week.

SO after this, I gota continue my life in Batu Pahat, Johor. Just see how I'm gona survive in that small town. Wish me luck okay :)

Wait wait.
Guess what I found just now. Some videos during Matric reminds me those sweet moments with friends there.The video was taken during the lantern night but we celebrated it without college permission ;]

They are my lovely bestie- Ivin & Annabeth & Lynne & Ana.
We are Childish isnt it? Gosh I really miss them.Very much!

This one was taken during the study time (it was around 4o'clock in the morning). Just see how though is matric life could be.

This is during the kmph idol, Jack Chan. Hey see the 1st girl who gave him flower. Wah wah! =">

This one was taken by my classmate (syukri) when we were having fun somewhere near the lab.They were my tutorial classmates 3f21 ;) Hey pls ignore the girl whos holding that miserable penyapu! HAHA

During the indian cultural night, I was partnered with Vincent 'gemok' in fashion show. but before that, I became a teacher who ws teaching the students how to spell APPLE! wtf.

Trust me, I'm kinda active in sports too when I was in matric. I used to play tennis, badminton, netball, scrabble(also consider sports ke? HAHA) and I went to gym too. :D

Ok.TATA evryone.


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