I'm a big dreamer

I had a dream after my tiring and bored afternoon. I dreamnt i had all the attention I wanted. Im like a princess *blush blush* in a big car and someone was there waiting for me. Just when i was supposed to reach the big car the rain comes. It wasnt funny because it rains for 5 mins only and i thought the date will be ruined. I dreamnt when i was walking the attention was on me and this is the very first time im so sure that the attention is on me. I was so silly. But it's so true. It happened exactly like how i always wanted it to be. It was a better choice and I'm so sure at that time. For the very first time someone keep offered to give in. I can feel it ,, it's the feelings. I mean it's the feelings i want. We talked very long~ Guess who? Kris Allen :"> OH NO IM CRAZE.. TATA TATA

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