Showering Lumpy

Lumpy was bathed twice since he lives with my sis! haha the first time was 2years ago when my another sis (nisa) accidentally fed him orange juice. frankly said I love to play with lumpy too but its just his smell like ewwww..
My brain was like blinking when amir, my cousin asked me to wash him secretly.

kak zura,mama & uncle's family went to selayang for a wedding.
just amir, tok cik, kak diba & I left. so I checked kak zura's room and..

Lumpy was alone there. hehehehehe...

We continued with our plan.I asked kak Diba to shower him but she just too softhearted to squash, hit, rub, spin and brush him... heh =P
so, I brought him outside my house and teng-teng-teng.

There goes the first step, "Water!!!"

"Urghh.. I'm squash!"

"No no no... My face!"

"Ouch my trunk!"

"Mummy... I hope I still look adorable..."


funeral ceremony? ....

-----Sun bathing----

Lalala... I'm swinging~

"I'm clean.. and all fluff up! =D"

When my sis reached home,I'm glad that lumpy was totally dried and smells really good.
Thanks to Amir the photographer.


amca sahaja said...

lumpy bermandi mande...
msti dh busuk sgt tuh..
sbb tu dmandikan..haha
same cam tuan die kot..

ara. said...

HAHAH tuan dia kakak saya. tuan no.2 adalah saya.
pasti dy busuk seperti kakak :D

NymNym said...

comel nye mende pepel tuhh!

amca sahaja said...

mende pepel??
haha,anym sgt klaka...
tp x klaka sgt sbnarnye...
mnde pepel tu je yg klakar........
*emoticon kale kuning,mate bulat, ank mate htm pusing2*

Ann 's said...

-___- oh god, may god blessed that small silly cute lumpy HAHAHA

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