Again, I'm sorry for being so emo in the last entry. Ya I know I know. I'm not supposed to use such that word. That is not how we solve our problem isn't it. But I still do have feeling and flaws where I can't manage to control my emotion. Okay enough enough...

I've always wanted to write a new entry but whenever I try to put my thoughts into words,I'm lost for words.Make it this way.I have no brilliant,interesting or even lame ideas for my new entry.Talking about ideas,I'm suffering from a lack of ideas recently.What makes things worse is that I need ideas,like desperately.

I do wonder sometimes.How to be creative?How to be spontaneous? How to come up with brilliant ideas which are interesting and relevant to you and your audience?It's always easier said than done ya? -.-

Now,I would tell you that this will be a boring,long-winded and pointless post.I don't even have a main idea for my writing right now.According to effective writing skills,we need to have a main idea before we write.So how now brown cow?Continue my writing and publish it just for the sake of updating?Or for the sake of organizing my thoughts?I think I'm more to the latter.I just need to organize my thoughts.Please bear with me.


I was busy filling the application form to further my study in Indonesia. It wasn't really what I want, but what my father want me to. Yeah, again, I have to follow everything that he ask. Sometime I feel really depressed, of cause! I just have to accept it since I know whatever it is, he's doing that for my own good too. But I'm not really sure about going there, well I rather chose our local university first. *Sigh*


As stressful as I may sound,life just needs to go on.(I'm sounding depressed here,but hey,never judge me by my writings as I'm not what you read.Wtfreak.)The earth is still spinning.It won't stop spinning just because of you.And it's true.Here's a nice saying which I would like to share:When there's a struggle,there's a progress.You never know how much you can expect from yourself until there's a struggle which makes you desperate.It's the same theory on how you can jump over a wall when a tiger is right behind you.


I'm having a problem with my love story. But I got Iqi, he played such a good role as a brother and keep advising me doing this and doing that. Somehow, I still did something that out of my control. Nvm. Now, I'm just okay. No. It supposed to be Really-really Okay. HAHA.
Iqi.. thanksssss! and Firdaus.. I'm not sure whether you are reading this, but what I want to say here is, everything is forgiven.


I'm really happy when my parents allowed me to go to Kuantan for Ayi's brother wedding. Well that ws just an excuse.The real purpose actually is to meet my beloved friends there. and of coz, him too. :">


Okay I think I have no more to share.If you have good reading skills,you may have realised that there's no continuity in this post at all.All the random thoughts are jumbled up.So,thanks for bearing with me.=)

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