Hey again!

I'm posting 2 entries in a day.hehe. what a luck for me to catch up with the internet today. Idk what i clicked and it happens to be yahoo massenger connected and facebook can sign in. But im so sure it's for today only. So far life wasnt that bad. In UTHM i only have to deal with two things. Friends and study. Nothing more than that. The reason being is that there is nothing else to do rather than had fun with friends. This place isnt that ulu anyways. In fact, it has a few shopping complex for a shopaholic. It just I need time and more money!! ($.$)

Lets talk about my class. I have 8 lecturer for anatomy and 8 lecturer .. could be 8 or more than 8 books for a subject. =`( For this semester it's compulsory that I have to take up 8 subjects where the total credit is 18hours including Koko, Mathematics for Management, Economy, Effective Communication, Principal of Management, Construction Project Management, Engineering Drawing & Pendidikan Islam. The economy's lecturer mumbling everyday and i couldnt understand one word pun. Thats how im goin to die real soon!My schedule is so full and i have class from 800am to 7pm T_T
Lucky me that I can drop English for Academic Purpose subject because I got band4 for muet and passed the placement test for UMB1011.I know nothing to be proud of aku bukan dpt band 6 pon. Tapi takyah ambik kelas english, okay lah tayah penat2. Legaaa that I dont have to attend the night class. Yeepi!

Lets move to my campus life and friends. My housemate are really good. Well my hostel is just actually like a small apartment, in a house, 3 rooms with 3 bathroom, a kitchen, and the hall as our study place. 9 people in one house, and 3 persons in a room. And all of us are taking the same course and we are in the same class. Haha. The eldest here is Kak Hani, 23 where we called her as the leader of the family. Kak Sya & Kak Wani (22) (diploma graduated). Kak Zira, Kak Liza, Kak Fiza & Kak Sara (20) (after stpm / matric 2years program). It just me and Yana is 19, but i'm still younger then yana a month. Cheh! ;p

I have to stop over here bcoz my milo is getting cold. hehe.
Take care all my friends! Hope to see you all soon =)


Lee_85 said...

wah nampaknya seronok di sana hehehe
food luck in your study and btw tu last word nak kabor pah paling kecik dan comel la kan?

ara said...

food luck? HAHAHA

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