Awhhh so sorry! I've been busy and for the pass two weeks i totally have no time to breathe.I'm done the stupid orientation week and already started my classes & suffering of flu, sore throat, headache.Siot tol.
Finally, tomorrow no class.Of coz,its weekend! A weekend that everyone longing for is no more a weekends for me. Everyone is goin home, holidays , dating. Poor me stucked in the hostel not going anywhere. Happy faces that i used to see and laughter that I usually heard turned into silence and depression by the evil.Now i understand that the world is so complicated and not as genuine as i thought it was before. The evil conquer, ruin, and betray. I'm not being racist but it's already a truth. Anyways ! I'm sure evil wont conquer any longer. Nobody to be blame because i forgive people easily and nobody have to know the evil and she's lucky enough that i will keep her secret - for world peace purpose. Happy weekends!

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