All The Things That Spoil My Day

I strongly dislike baseless comments and self-assumed theories. Very much.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I mind so much, why should I care what remarks people said, no matter how absurd they were. But I can't control it, the irritation inside me. Most of the time I just listened, but there were times when I heard too much of bullshit that I feel the need to release everything. Today, it happened and spoiled half of my day.

I know I should stop caring so much about what people say and do. I will try. =/

Ashrul is gone.My flu is getting worse. Now I have no mood already.
I need someone to cheer me up. :'(

Yesterday, I went out with Abg Fadli. Thanks for everything bro. I look forward to meet you again with other friends. Abang, Adek, Amsyar, Anym, Yda. I really miss you guys :(

Alright then.



princ3ofperlu said...

eat your medication and go see a doctor if your flu getting worse...
prevention is better than cure and once the babi touch you, you can't do nothing except SAMAK =p

AraBadrul said...

ok abg fadli

ivink said...

baby,stay strong...
when u turn around,i'll be there.

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