The Saturday

I was frustrated when our uni's break is kinda late compared to the other uni. Means I have no chance to meet my bestie since they are having classes during my holiday. As I expected, this could be the worst sem break that I ever had, where the family matters came out and no friends to chill out with. What I have been doing these few days was just helping my mom to settle down the house works, taking care of my bro, cleaning up the household, following my mum or sisters here and there, etc.

However after 4 days of being home, finally I went out with the other people instead of my own family. I only get the chance after my brother was sent to uncle's house.Okay long story, cut short. At first, I planned to meet Abg Fadli and Yda at pyramid during the day.Unfortunately the plan has been canceled as yda had to company her friend first and my boyf also will be at bb. So I told my mom that I'm going to meet yda and firdaus at night.

Somehow the permission came with a condition where I need to spend the day with family first and I wonder since when they become like this as I know before this they don't really care about what am I doing. To think positive, I set up my mind that they were just want to pamper me and give me love. Okay then I had to company my mom to clinic because she was not feeling well. Right after that, I had to follow both sisters and their boyf to plant nursery. Well actually Im not into flowers and plant, so I was just sat and play with phone. But somehow when abg sham showed up the camera, I quickly jumped out from the chair and ran towards them to take photo together. Whee~...

eh eh see lah budak comel tu! hahaha.poyo. =.=

After they paid for the plants that they bought, we went to Imran and K-rol's place and we straight to jln raja laut to company them to find a new port to get their favourite toys. In the car, he kept talking about his hobby that has been caught by a reporter and now their story is in newspaper.

Then we went to UM for cousins graduation day. It was raining and I was like fainted among the crowd. I was not so in mood and tired maybe because I didn't take any food yet. Idk why I don't feel to eat but I actually not in diet at all. Don't ask me why. Okay then after the photo session, we had to wait until the rain stop and we were stuck by the cars along the road. I was worried that I might be late to see yda & daus, hence Krol drove me to the nearest train station. On my way to monorail station I met Syawal (matric's bestfriend) & his gf.

Finally, I met firdaus <3

I was introduced to his friends but sadly I'm not good at remembering ppl's name. Wait! I try my best ok. Ermm.. maybe I should try to describe them a bit so I will have something to remind me of them.

1. Emir - Daus' gay partner! The 1 that I used to jealous so much.
2. Paen - The greatest enemy who lost our battle and failed to get his 2nd choki2.
3. Am - He was offended when I said Daus cacat,rabun. hehe. sorry!
4. Azief - The kelantanese. 1st time met him in kuantan with mahdi rite?
5. Makau - the 1 who asked me "Abeng handsome tak?". then I replied "no!" haha.
6. Pian - He brought his gf and he wore the shirt right after he bought it.
7. Fadil - he was wearing h1n1 mask.

erm erm...who else? anyone forgotten? omg! i'm so sorry. rase mcm ade lagi tp dah lupe dah ni :( hmm i should knock my head over the wall lah!!
anyway thanks a lot for those who was treating me so nice and so sorry for burdening any of you.

okay now lets talk about yda (anym, sila jealous! haha.) Firdaus and I walked to ts to meet yda. Poor yda bullied by daus. Ehem, yda looked matured and fat lol! hehehe. omg I really missed the old precious memories that we had together.
"ydaaaaaa...jgn kawen ngn apit.kawen ngn aku lah.. haha.."

i met safwan accidentally. hmm yaa.I felt guilty for ignoring him for so long until now I know he is still a friend. wth am i talking about? haha takde apelah.
oh ya. shubby! finally we get to see each other after some meet up plans been canceled. she is pretty as i expected. and.. iqi! she asked "dzul kaple ngn lulu kasandra?"..kecoh dah abe weyhhh..hahahaha

long story, cut short again. haha.
firdaus sent me home. poor him bcoz I really couldnt recognize jalan2 waktu malam. tak nampok! haih.. and this morning i broke my promise with sisters, krol, kak dyana, abg sham and others to go 4 canopy walk in kepong because i was in the sleep heaven. weeheee~

last word, iloveyou firdaus :)


princ3ofperlu said...

tak jadi jumpa haih~

AraBadrul said...

minta maaf sgt2 abg fadli..

DUYUNG.. said...

u!! u lupa lagi 3 orang!!

1st. Jaz - pakai bju biru yg bertulis hruf 'F' (peminat i kot..)
2nd. Sham - yg mulut jahat tuh!!
3rd. Zuheir - yg tinggi2 pakai spek. dye tu senyap skit orangnya..

tpi...i rindu kat u..syg kat u..
cinta kat u..gilerkan u..
tpi skandal ngan emir!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!

AraBadrul said...

haha.. u ckp pon i still tak engat la dear. adoiii.. *sile lempang i cepat*


rindu u jugak.syg u jugak. cinta u jugak. giler u jugak. tapi.. nak BUNUH Emir!!! HAHAHHA

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