Nilai persahabatan..

Ive been alone in my room, away from the others. Construction project class has been canceled by mr.firdaus. So I have two hours to sit over here, to think and write it in my poor blog. Im started to think a lot about all the issues that Kaki and I shared last night. Nilai keluarga. Nilai persahabatan. Now I'm thinking... Does it worth for a great friendship, is it fair if for many years being together, you are the only one who used to work hard for the relationship, really care about your bestfriend until you spoil yourself.but at the end of the day, when you need them by your side, they are gone..

"Kau Kacau Makwe Orang".. it pissed me off. really.. I also got boyf okay. Does it mean that I dont deserve to have my own space to get along with the friends that I confrtable with?..

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Mohd Idris Bin Mohd Sidek said...

ape la korang mengarut nih..
xpaham la..
weh,kau tau x aku masuk hospital?

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