Triple '09'

Today is 09-09-09 :)
I was talking to him.. and I feel so damn effing happy.. :">
btw, 'happy birthday hunny..' HAHAHAHA :p

Well.. This picture was taken during Agama class. Do I look good? or innocent? or cute? or beautiful? or nice? or gorgeous? or awesome? *cukup2*
but then, i turned myself to evil. just see what i've done to my sister's best friend. haish!
click at the picture to enlarge

turn your head pls.. hehe.sorry! suddenly.. i feel like missing Ivin so muchhhh :'( after that, my sister and I decided to send my dad a card..

Sorry darlings. All the random thoughts are jumbled up. btw thanks for bearing with me.
goodnight everyone!


KAKI said...

wa best best.....
happy tegok mata happy

AraBadrul said...

kaki yg selalu wat ara happy kan kan. thanks for all the supports :)

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