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Hey darlings! :)

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates! Lol I know it's been awhile, and this long blog hiatus has even got to an extend for one of my friend to ask me whether have I registered a new blog that she doesn't know. Harhar farniee la...

At first I still thought I'd be all pumped up for a consistent updates since I got a new header such and such, but turns out it is the other way round. Lol. Ahh like the usual excuses la - my lost of interest in writing/updates/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Ah yes, my workloads also do add an incredible weight to the scale this time.

The chill is in the air… sort of. Well, not really, but at least at night it’s a little bit chilly. The class session will be ended by tomorrow. No more bloody assignments, no more boring lectures, and no more uninteresting Economy classes. Ends and ended. Now, all that left is the library visits and final exams that waits, which makes me cringe and wince whenever I think about it. *shudders*

Well against, I’m so terrible sorry for not keeping an update here. Due to the extreme amount of work over the past few weeks, I hardly have anytime to surf the web and when I do find the time for a short break, I was both mentally and physically so tired that I decided to hit the sack instead. Four assignments due on the same dateline is seriously the worst nightmare you can ever have and each day passed literally like hell. Mark my words :( The lecturer even realized the absurdity of the workload that they had canceled all the lectures and seminars during the dateline week =. =

Anyway through this I've learned a lot. Not just in academic but, the interpersonal wise, the true colour of some people, the trust elements you can have for a person, the expectations and working as a team. My daytime was spent with my classmates for the group report and assignment, and when night came, I had to brainstorm again with my individual essays. No doubt, I had some breakdown moments and am so grateful for my family and friends that is always there to encourage and pacified me. Thank you everyone, I love you so much! *muah* =]

Okay. Enough about that. I have to stop now because:

1) Its 9 am now,

2) I have not showered =S,

3) I still have not read up the emcee text for tonight,

4) I’m still not ready yet for my ‘cupcakes’ presentation

5) and I am very very sleepy!


p/s: I miss you guys!

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