eid mubarak wasn't that fun

At a moment, I’m out of words. I was trying to grab any alphabet that I could sew but it’s too limited. Again… its midnight, perfect time and very unexpected for me to inhale such a rare feeling. A miss to someone really weaken my ability. Wheuw… I keep calling my own name; “ara, ara, just bare with time”, to stand up and be as tough as stone. The image barely visible in the dusk of the room, then I groped under my pillow for pictures. I know it sounds lame to keep someone’s picture under a pillow…. But it does bring a hard beat of sentimental that drowns me.i miss you,love.

Done with my gibberish. I acted a bit psychotic just now. Sigh…. I’m in Rawang, all my time marked by boredom. Wanna webcam but my laptop broken (brother's fault). The webcam and the audio work like an old dick till I can’t do anything with it so I send it to the shop. It may take couple of days… currently I’m using my sis’ laptop; the bulk one but my dad taught me to be grateful then I said “alhamdullilah, abah… I would be even more grateful if u buy me a new one”. LOL

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