Giant Mosquito

I was reading comics when there was this irritating "buzzzzzzz...... TAK" sound in my room... I looked up... and saw a HUGE MOSQUITO flying around in my room.


I immediately slide down my chair with my eyes trailing it everywhere and a book above my head just in case he/she/it doesn't hit the ceiling, bounce and land on my head :S Then he/she/it finally decided to rest on a spot near the mirror. Thank god my table is diagonally and also the furthest from the mirror.

I spent the next 30 minutes paying attention to any buzzing sound and would eye it when it does to make sure it doesn't come near me. Meanwhile thinking if it decided to suck my blood, I may die on spot. Not funny k. Anyway, the mosquito spent the 30 minutes clinging onto the wall until it decided to hunt for a new spot again... which he/she/it flew and charged at ME!

Ahhhhhh.... I grabbed my comics and my mobile together and ran out of my room as fast as I can and waited outside for what-my-instinct-tell-me-the-mosquito-is-once-resting-again time. After that, I opened my door slowly and scanned the room carefully.

There it is, clinging on the wall above my bed this time which is even worst =.=

So I tell myself, "This has to end!" I drew the curtain more just in case it finally decide to fly out and give me back my peace and quiet life. But no :(

The rest of the time was spent throwing things at it and I also used my comics to wave and create a sudden gush of air at it so it would fly out of through the window. It started flying again, and I ran out of the room... when I got back again, it's still resting on the same spot.

stupid mosquito....

I ran out of patience and decided to ask for sister's help. Bless her, after telling her the whole story, she helped me to get rid of it by squashing using her hand, through a thin Kleenex! Geez... I would fainted before I'm 30cm near it.

So, after saying many thanks to her, she laughed and said how cute I am and told me it is not a mosquito but a cranefly. =.= Hmm... whatever, it's still a creepy crawly insect to me.

Tired now. Night people :'(


Lee_85 said...

pembunuh nyamuk!!!!!!
sayangi makhluk perosak~

AraBadrul said...

abg fadli ku, kalau saya mati di gigit nyamuk bagaimana?
p/s: serik masa plkn. benci nyamuk

Lee_85 said...

hehehe, adik pahku, akan ku tuntut bela atas kematian mu..declaration of war upon the mosquitos!!!

AraBadrul said...

AHAHAHA, yeah yeah. you rock bro! ahaha

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