Stupid Monkeys!

Hello folks :)

Yesterday it was all about mosquito right, and today, its monkey. Later on, maybe I should change my blog title to 'the secret of zoo'. Hahah. =.= Alright alright, back to the title. Erm.. where should i start eh? I was in UM acompanied my sister in her lab doing experiment. Actually I used to help her before like doing the extraction and seal whatever whatever..But today I was lazy to help so I just sat and wasted my time with lappy.

During lunch time, sister and I headed to the cafe nearby. After finish eating, I walked to the sink to wash out my hand.half-way, I stopped and screamed...
there were 4 monkeys sitting on top of the sink, and I was like &***^&%%$^#%&%&#WTF!!!!
(like yesterday) haha. All monkeys were stared at me after they listen to my 'cute sweet voice'. Haha. Gosh! they looked so fear and eager to catch me up, and I guess they were hungry. In my mind, I was like thinking how am I going to run if they jump over me, tear up my face, bite my nose, and eat me..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! scaryyy!!!

Slowly, I turned myself back, and quickly run back to sister. I sat back and speechless. Sister asked why didn't I wash my hands yet but I kept silent. about 5mins after, then only I ask, "kakak, ade tempat lain basuh tangan tak?" =.= after i told her the whole story, she walked me to the nearest toilet. Then we walked back to the lab buttttt!!! we have to pass the cafe first before we reach the lab..OMG OMG OMG!

I saw the 4monkeys.. they were staring at us. maybe because sister was holding a plastic bag containing foods that she bought for her friend. When I saw the monkeys started to walk towards us, I quickly pull sister's hand and scream "Monyettttttttttttttttttt!!!!!Lariiiiii!!!!"
HELLL!!! The stupid monkeys tu terus kejar kitorang. Ape lagi, kitorang lari tak cukup tanah lah..sampai lab, cepat2 tutup pintu, siap kunci lagi. Thanks God. =.='

Starting from today, UM is no more Universiti Malaya but UNIVERSITI MONYET. :'(

Aite. Because of too boring, jadi lah muka ara pon dah macam monyet kebosanan. haih~

Alright. now its time to go back. We are going to celebrate big brother's birthday tonight.
Ashrul(26y/o) Happy birthday Along! Love you muah muah !


ivink said...

Hahhahahahaaa i prefer dis post then the mosquito.
tu tlalu ah jela2. i pening doh reading tu haha=p
n sian u syg. why not u try befren wif the monkey??
n ltr on u guys may live sweet together in Uni Monyet,ahhahaa xD

Lee_85 said...

monyet itu kejo sebab nak mintak autograph la tu

AraBadrul said...

ivink; where got jela2. ahaha. you tu pending. haha. wtf! live sweet together with the monkeys? no way!

AraBadrul said...

abg fadli; banyak awok nye autograph! hahah. nk kene lempang abg fadli ni.haha

KAKI said...

u know what...the monky tough u are his/him/it family bcause of your eye
yeah thet right

AraBadrul said...

ape kaetan mata aku ngan monyet???
hmmm~ kalau dyorang nampak ko
lagi dyorang kejar
sebab ko makanan... *cendawannnnn*

meny said...

haha..ara2..sian ko eh...kngn 2 mmg byk myt weh..xdnafkn..haha..kt kolej aku ni pon blmbak2 mnyrt..nsb jew aku xpnh kne kjr..haha

AraBadrul said...

kakak aku time dy wat dgree dulu, dy kene kejar dgn monyet yg tengah nak mengawan. AHHHAHA

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