haha baru 2days in uni, balik rumah balik. haha.
johor was boring. i hate to be in my uni. seriously.
new year was suck. plan with lubby, ivink and anna was canceled :'(
luckily ade my sister and her besties. :)
skipped my class on friday and went out with them.
yesterday back to kl. went out with sister, nisa and her boyf.
bought a new table lamp and shirt for another sister, zura.
at night, main uno with both sis and their boyfs, ara menang!!! heee :D
then, helped them to fold the wedding cards. :)
today,can't wait to meet my loveeeee ivink, annabeth and itasya kejap lg.
then, yaaa okey! evening kene balik johor semula la!
tommorow got class at 11. huhu.

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