if you noticed that my blog is soooooooo frequently updated, means that i have no one to share what i feel currently. but at the same timei'm not telling everything in blog too. but i'm trying hard to express it but sometime i can't do it. coward i am,right?
i just want to release it out but at this time,i cant make it.i mean, no one will understand =.=

what i need the most now,
- him. him. him. you know who bcz i've no one else.
- and ivink's shoulder.


haz-ONE said...

err first skali..ayatnye.."coward am i"??adalah yg betul..not "coward i am"..hahahaha..sengal tol la aku neyh..tu pown nak tgur..haha..gurau2..ignore je k.. listen..
erm..when u have problems or facing da situation which is hard or difficult for u..doesn't meant u have to tell other peoples about it dear..

firman ALLAH S.W.T.:
Wahai Nabi,cukuplah ALLAH (sebagai pelindung dan penolong)bagimu dan orang-orang mukmin.. (Al-Anfal:64)

ingat..u never alone la maybe u feel empty..meaningless..same thing repeated everyday..lonely..bored..smtimes u don't know wat u want n smtimes feel like wanna cry..well..DON'T..sebab dunia ni xlayak untuk ditangisi..tak layak untuk disedihkan..tak layak untuk dimenungkan..
kalau kite tgok citer batman..joker tnyer.."y so serious??"..jangan kita masukkan setiap peristiwa kecil dalam hati..benda yg bukan masalah jgn kita buat sampai jadi masalah dan bebanan kepada kita..lastly..senyumlah..bcoz there's still a lot of things need to be done..there's still a lot of things 4u to explore..and there's a lot of peoples dat still love their friends..siblings..daughter or as someone important in their life..senyumlah.. =)

AraBadrul said...

yes yes i'm not good at grammar. huhu =.=
thanks hazwan. ape yg wan ckp mmg betul, tp senang bercakap dr yang memikul. yeah right i can smile. smile. and smile. just for a moment. bak kate fitri semalam.. "pls smile..yang ikhlas.." =.=

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