Every memory remains as the days pass quickly by. As i look upon the heart just wants to cry..we were always together through the good times and the bad.but now, i try to keep a smile but i cant fight the feeling sad.

the person that has changed at first i thought was you.. but i realize now its me. but its not i changed, but grew. everyone will change and everyone will grow..but i will always forever love you
and that i hope you know..i miss when we'd talk, for hours on end.but i think most of all, i just miss my best friend. I miss us being bestfriends. You always had my back and you're the nicest girl that I've ever met. But until that day, we had to go separate ways to understand ourselves better.

Be good baby. Forgive me for the old days. I miss you :'(


Mr. Shcomey™ said...

erk.ape jadi ni?

btw, byk gila post dalam sehari.kumpul2 ek?

AraBadrul said...

Tade pape lah jd. :) kitowg okey je. hehe

p/s: sebelum ni kan wat private, br je tukar kpd tk private, tu yg feed sume baru kuar terus tu. semua ni dah post berzaman dah la

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