Love Letter

Dear x,
It's not my fault if you're jealous. I have done nothing wrong. So, no offense baby.. you should know that when you call me Jalang, Babi, Gedik and whatsoever, you are actually calling yourself.
Remember that when you point one finger at other, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

I have dealt with this a lot as well, and I just have learned to ignore it. I am always friendly and outgoing when I meet those women just like you, and try to make them feel relaxed with me, but, I'm not going to deal with someone's shitty attitude or treatment toward me.I have found that if I talk with them about how much I love my boy, it can sometimes help, but, sometimes, naaaaahh! Somehow I have my limit too. If she is out line, I'll tell her to get therapy and back the f*ck off.

I am not entirely sure it is totally down to jealousy, some people are just not nice, have no manners and that's how they will always be, no matter how nice you are to them. Stuff them is what I say girls..

So my deary, just take your two boys that you are desperate for and fyi I don't care at all.I don't want them and, any insincere friends. I have my Firdaus, my love family, my goodfriends who love me and I have a cup of rebina in my hand right now,thats just more than enough to make me happy. Till now..

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