The Silence had said it all

Yeah, that is actually a line in a poem that I found in the novel which I just finished reading. I liked it a lot so it started circling in my mind. Silence, such a powerful weapon to use. Don’t you hate it when you feel like having a fight with someone but that person just uses silence, taking away all your energy?

But saying nothing is communicating as well. It isn’t just a lack of communication…hm..I have no idea how to describe it. Lantak lah!

p/s: Currently I'm not feeling very well so please endure with my emotion and avoid from exploding me or something. ty.

Right, I'm done ranting. Good night.


itekkiut said...

u xd chatbox kan?

AraBadrul said...

cbox i dah letak kt tumblr. untuk blog ni kene sign up acc cbox lain la. tk buat agy. mls. hehe

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