Sunday and Flu Bug

Earlier this week, my colleague had a major flu, fever, sore throat and cough.yeah, the whole influenza package.and he'd to come to class because of a meeting. Somehow, I'd this foreboding feeling that I'm gonna catch his viral bugs.And indeed, though unfortunately, it came true.Of all days, I had to be down with a flu and sore throat.At the first hint of a sore throat, I'd immediately searched for the Danzen pills and took 2 of them.

It wasn't that serious initially, so I'd thought it's just a case of mild throat irritation.. Sometimes I get that when the air is too dusty and it'll just pass within the next few hours. I was hoping its just that cos it'll be a bummer to fall sick and ruin the entire weekend. Despite my oncoming full-blown sore throat (the kind where swallowing anything would feel like swallowing razor blades), I'd a craving for some creamy fudgy cake..I have no appetite for normal food but for cake, bring it on please!

I don't know what happened to March but it seems like we're almost coming to an end of it. Next week will mark the second last week of this term and I will be officially done with all the classes. Everything is happening so fast that I almost can't pick up the with the pace.Oh dear oh dear, it scares me how time is ticking so fast and ain't waiting. I haven't even sorted out what I'm gonna do after all that! =(

Right, shall stop here and revert to my work. tata.

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