weekends over..its dragging ass monday, have a good one ya people!
so as u all know, my blog is public, again =.=' , and i have new followers. wee wee ! welcome welcome ! :D

btw,have u noticed my new gadget at the right side of your screen? ala, yang dekat dekat dgn scroll bar tu, yang click sahaja then you'll be linked to my other pages. haaa fyi i always wanted this widget since a few months ago *seriously. and finally,my cute little sister ni tolong. meh nak introduce sikit, bagi market si comel sorang ni.

given name is Nur Adawiyah, cut short to Ada. 18 years old, live in Saujana Utama.ehh nak tahu lagi, ask herself okay. or u can always go through her blog and be her followers ok.

*great thanks and a big hug to Ada.

love, Ara.


adrinaqamarina said...

chumil sje,,,
ingat ne ara,,,
rupenye ada...

Ara said...

HEHE ada comel. :)

btw, rina, dah boleh dah ara dah letak shoutmix, tu kat atas tu ade link 'talk here' okey :)

adrinaqamarina said...

got it...

Nur Adawiyah said...

i love you, kak ara :)

pokko said...

Nice blog keep.on.writing.girl. cheers!

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