individual meant to be individual

yesterday I went to Pavilion//KLCC with my girlf. she was hunting for a new job since the current boutiques she was working with very suck up. *no offense. so yeah we went to every possible boutique. just name it. :) so yeah. so here it is, I am kinda pissed off when they said ‘ouh vacancy? nope. no for this moment. we prefer chinese’ eh eh what the heck? what happen to one malaysia? where every of the people in Malaysian no ever the skin tone or the language is one? shit. see see. they dont even practice it. they said it but naah it just a dust talk. you know DUST SHIT TALK. I dont blame the Malaysia government it just we should take this thing seriously. I believe the citizen in Malaysian is an open minded crowd. they are modernize so there shouldnt be a problem about the raises. you shouldnt even consider whether you want a Chinese or Indian or even Malays. we are Malaysia right? we should assume everyone the same. why must be so prejudice and racist?

**why do you want Chinese? is it because they are pretty? or is it because they are hard working? ouh tell me what you think about the others? Malays and Indians and the others? you are saying that they arent capable to do anything? shit that is shit. you shouldnt judge people by their colours nor religion. you should judge them by the individuals itself. INDIVIDUAL MEANT TO BE INDIVIDUAL. so start giving chances and stop being corrupted minded. cos yes you are being one.

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