kiddo confession

I know this might come out wrong or whatever, but hey to me myself i do think that i am still a kiddo. at least in my heart. i have no idea why, but for somehow some reason i dont think i never be at the stage of 20. you know, i am 20 this year but why i never felt like i am 20? isn't that weird. so yada yada yada to me i am not 20 :) i have prove tho. what is it? aww just read it through.

okay, everyone does have favorite movie right? at least one, alright. ahh you must be lying if you said that you have none. so same here, i have my own 5 star movie myself. i watch it whenever i am sad or even bored or even 'hey lets watch movie today' You know when there is the time that you are craving for a movie. yeah i do experience that typical moment. && when i did, i will go to the dvd rack and take this dvd and set it on. and i can even watch again && again && again without any doubt. i just loveeee to watch this move like seriously. it helps me to laugh. it helps to go 'awwwhh that is sweet' or 'aww how cuteee'. you know they cheered my day. i even remember every lines. LMAO =.=" i know i know. HAHA.

so, the question is what is the movie ? it is...
i know i know, this is an old movie, yea last year's movie. but just like i said, its my favorite and i just watched it again today. so what? haha.and not to forget, i love shin chan, spongebob && ninja kids, very much! my favorite, ever. hoho. okay, done kids ! bye bye.

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