Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week

short update:

morning: back to ampang, my grandma's house, then headed to cousin's wedding. congratulation Dayang. kau tak boleh nak gedik dengan aku dah lepas ni ok. pic will be uploaded soon.

evening: out to sunway pyramid with nabil, eyqa,hilmi, abg bob, kak mirad, irna, kak ira and another 2 guys (x ingat nama). sorry ^^

night: went to icity with mie, megat and amir, then spending the whole night at mcd kota dmansara. and bump into brother's bestfriend. he's a pilot now. wowwww. :p

so.. yah ! no tears today.

p/s: wo hen xiang ni qiao po Ivin. sorry, phone ran out of cred & no ym today to u tomorrow ya :)


adrinaqamarina said...

ta sabar na balek pegi i-city,,huk2...

senyum selalu ara...

Ara said...

ty rina :)

cepat balik malaysia rina cepat ! ;D

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