It was a blast

I had a great time on my twentieth birthday.Tho my phone was ran out of battery twice and keep on hanging after receiving too many texts and calls but Thanks a lot for all the wishes hoping that all of my dreams will come true :)

Greatly thanks to those who planned on the celebration especially Nym, Yda, Mai, Megat, Abg Fadli,Mima, Rifa, Sarah, Mie, Farid, Asyraf. Then karaoke time with Nym, Mai, Abg Fadli and Megat was heaven. After that headed to tc to meet my dearest Annabeth, with Shafiq and Jay. Bump into Amca and his friend. Then met my brother, Ayi with my other senior Ago, Safwan and Naqiuddin. Then had a great talks and laughs with Megat and the gang. Thanks for the presents too !

Another thing that made my day ws meeting up with Michelle in Starbucks. It was great to meet her back after two years!

Dear Dzulfiqri & Hakim Ishak, hugely thanks for the special entry :D

and thanks to abang Radin Mohd Fadli Ikram for the cute cupcakes. semua cute cute tapi yang satu ni memang terbaik,
tapi saya takut nak makan yang ni, takut kena samak. HAHAHAHA. Thanks abg fadli :)

I was one HAPPY birthday girl! :)

I feel so privileged to have such a wonderful day but I wish firdaus could be here with me. I miss you.

So then, to cap off my Birthday, I arrived Yda's to a facebook page flooded with over 300 greetings. What a wonderful way to feel the love. I am trully blessed. :)

My twentieth birthday ws definitely one celebration full of yummy food, awesome company, great conversation, & an overflow of love, love, love & laughs.

p/s: Thanks God there was NO PRANK!

a bright girl with love, Ara.

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