Hey loves!

*short updates*

18 November 2010,

Mcd Kota D'sara-Accompanied megat, lunch
OU- met Ckin and her fiance
Nando's - eat again! =.=' with sister
Starbucks - spent half of the day studying there. errr..
Ada, Danny, Shafik and Teepah came over to company in a short while.
Chili's - had a dinner with Fn's family (:

19 November 2010,

Home alone - laundry, and texting with housemates, and recovering myself ^.^
Ikea- with Fn, Alia, Ana and Radin Fadli. makan! (:
Cineleisure - watching Harry Potter with them
Kayu Nasi Kandar - again with abg Fadli, Fn and the siblings,and his parents.


note to u, just so u know that whenever u play with my hair,

and last but not least, iloveyou people!


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