Realize u're all right the way u are,and u'll get better naturally.

so here I am, again, back with another new spirit. eventho I'm not fully recover yet but I believe everything is gonna be alright by the end of the day.

being at home actually doesnt help much but at least I can download movie and game faster due to high speed of sreamyx here compared to uni's wi-fi or inconsistent line of berukBand . i love you lah streamyx! Fyi i'm currently addicted to Hagemaru cartoon where I cant stop watching it till I forgot to reply his msg and others. sorry. psst, somebody pls make me study! hehe.

and another thing is, hugely thanks to Irma Syafiqa for this special entry,

thank you so much darling. I didnt know that I can be that adorable. eceh eceh. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH. I dont know what else to say more. Sumpah terharu. XOXO. and not to forget, thanks for all the supports everyone. especially, YOU :) You'll always make it easier when life gets hard. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah.


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