Unlock my heart, shelter my soul.

these few days i was contented myself with too many stuffs that really brings me down. well, i know when u see me outside, u can always see my smile.but sometimes we cannot deny how we feel inside.
errrr. okay okay i shouldnt be sad about the past. just throw it away, forgive them and forget yesterday.come on Ara, you're young. so shut up, and enjoy life. yeah roarrr!

nuff said. i just need a hug right now. anyone?


embunpagi said...

i give you my shoulder. be strong arafah!

Radin Fadli said...

meh sini meh =)

Ara said...

Hakim ishak; saya selalu pinjam bahu Ivink. Saya rindu dia sangat sangat sangat :'(

Radin Mohd Fadli; rindu abg fadli jugakkkk ;'(

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