Career Fair 2011

Location: all around DTII, G3 and Library UTHM
Date: 6-7 April 2011

as you can see from the title above, our university organizes Career Fair from varies of company every year for the students to get some job opportunities. for this year, the career fair was held from 6th - 7th of April. As normal, everyone dress in their best suits, carrying piles of certificates and resume to the fair, hoping to get short-listed by the companies involved in the career fair.

so yeah, nothing much to be said. here are some photos during the fair .
Its behind the scene yaw :D
(I'm not focusing on the crowds but the committee members, which is me and the team :P )
congratulation to them who worked really hard since 2 months ago. good job everyone!

Open ceremony was fully conducted by the protocol unit, Ieka Rose and the gang.
so, we, sitting behind, and click-click-click. hehehehehe :D
with Nabil, Aima and Kak Ina.

Jyeah,while waiting for the participants, lets do some check list :P
what?? bosan asyik-asyik muka Ara? okay fine -.-
there our YDP Mr.Hafiz , Abang Jefry Ral, Abe, Syamil and Iqa

and the postmorterm meeting by the end of the day.

2nd day;
okay, pagi-pagi buta, muka toya. kbye.

pictures were only taken during my free time, using my handphone.waktu busy, jangan harap lah nak pegang handphone. nak gambar cantik boleh mintak pada abang dslr Nabil ya.

akhir kata,
smile, it's contagious, and can make the world smile too! Senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa.
eh, ada orang kata saya tak ada life lah. hehe. of coz I do. and you, mind your own business.
thank you. :)

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