"always think before you act"

something my parents taught me ever since i was very young.and it has always stuck by me..
i have three more papers to go. always think before you fill up the answer sheets Ara!

jyeah cant believe its already May and we're nearly in the middle of 2011.
oohhh cant wait for the 10th of May.hehe.
and i'm feeling quite hungry. i'm gonna have my happy meal later.
and wanna watch Thor with buddies tonight.
i know i know .. exam..but i am just too stressed up enough right now
that i have to release it no matter what. pls forgive me for once -.-'

there goes my random thoughts of the day. and yeah,
i love you Fn (:


CiK GorGeouS ! said...

may is awesome ait ?? =D

zharif fikri said...

yess !! may is wonderful..

Ara said...

hopefully :S

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