21, and still breathing :)

Having a family gathering during my birthday is the most precious thing ever. Which I meant the whole family was there including abang ipar and soon to be abang ipar. Well, its been a while since I last having everyone around which I think it was last year Smiley yesss, during sister's wedding on February 2010 Smiley.

Oh ya, my sister is getting her baby in 5months time ! I'm soooo excited and cannot wait for the arrival. SmileyPsssst, I'm secretly hoping and praying for a baby girl. but pls dont tell my sister because she's expecting for baby boy. Haha. Kalau jadi pondan, tak tahu...kakak jangan marah. Smiley Hehehe.

Anyway, I love the moment when sitting in a restaurant with them, laughing hysterically, and realizing everyone was staring at us like a bunch of crazy people. Smiley Hey, we crack ourselves up! Hehe. Thanks for the times, presents and absolutely delicious wondermilk cupcakes and everything.

For those flooded wishes, thanks a lot. thanks Firdaus melayan kerenah saya sehari suntuk. Thanks Nym for this entry . Thank you everyone. Thanks Maxis for one day free call Smiley.

Owhh! Happy 56th Birthday Abah. I love you so much. hug sikit... Smiley Hehe. Last but not least, thank you Allah Smiley


CiK GorGeouS ! said...

hah !! dah besar, jangan nak jadi budak2 hack FB orang sana sini...ngee ;D

Ara said...

CG; hack acc fb bukan kerja budak2. tu kerja ara je. hehe. thanks CG for being the first to wish. i love you mummy :) happy holiday ok!

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