Always be my babies,

16th June 2011, Sunway Pyramid

Zetty is back to hometown until AugustSmiley.
Its a day spent with Zetty Ellyssa, Wahyda Ahmad, NymNym Khiyon, Khalidah Adibah
and Azizan Hariz.
They were awesome as always. Every moment spent with them, I don't have to try to be happy. It just happens...tapi, rimas lah dengan korang ni Smiley sakit pipi asyik gelak je. Smiley
Can't wait to spend more times dengan korang lagi. Dah rindu ni. Hehe. Muah!
I love youuuu guys so much.. I really do..

and thanks to my beloved Daydeque for this Forever 21 !
thats all for today, byeeee Smiley

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