Always listen to your mommy;

"You are prettier when you smile"

This is something that i get reminded on a daily basis. and i guess it's true in a way. A smile goes a long way. It's pleasant for the people around you and I think it's also good for your own self. Although it does get somewhat tiring and i've always thought that i might look like some psychotic person who cant stop smiling.. Smiley

but all in all, I think its a good thing. and you should always smile from the inside. Not for the sake of it and end up faking it. Smile genuinely because there is a difference! so the question is, have You smiled today? Smiley If no, please do so!

by the way, my best friend Yda is now started to blog. For those who know her or thinking of getting to know her, do follow and support [link] . Thats all for today. Peace yaw !


CiK GorGeouS ! said...

u Look reaLLy cute, nice, pretty and beautifuLL when u, smiLe aLways yah ~

NymNym said...

agree! smile always babe! ara kan dikenali sbagai seorang yg ceria sokmo :D hee! btw, picca above ni, sumpah cun giloss :)

Nur Arafah Ahmad Badrul said...

CG; thanks mummy. you know I can always keep smiling when having you by myside. thanks sebab selalu jadi gila dan melayan orang gila ni juga :D

Nym; ceria sokmo beb :D kalau ada Nym lagi lah sakit pipi kita duk gelak tak henti-henti 24/7. Sakit jiwa rasa kan. Picca tu credit tu nabil, dia snap. wink ;)

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