The best combination ever;

Does anyone eat these two things together? I do! Smiley and I'm loving it Smiley whenever I get the chance to. I just love the feeling when I eat my French fries dipped in an ice cream sundae, until that soothing feeling wraps around me. Its the best feeling when you get the warm, crispy and saltiness from the fries, and yet you still get the soft, cold and creamy taste from the sundae. Hehe. Anyway do you have other odd food combination? maybe I can try them out. Ok I'm hungry now! Haha. Shut up Ara, you can't even finish your fish&chip and your favourite Daim cake today. What a waste. Even Adik and Baby (Zetty's lil sisters) can finish theirs. Guess I need a bigger stomach, can I?

Anyway, I watched Transformers 3 with family yesterday and it was just awesome. It is way better than the previous. Lets say it has a stronger timeline and more actions. I just have to admit that Megan Fox is hotter than the new heroin but the new one can act better (more scripts). Haha. Cuma baju putih dia tak kotor-kotor langsung walaupun dah main perang bagai. Hebat! Lol. Naahh, its okay, I was there not to watch the heroin but Autobots. Yeay! Remember back in 2007, Transformers 1 was our first movie together, right Firdaus? Alahai rindunya. Haha Ok malu dah. Tata titi tutu.

p/s: I've improved my doodling skills a lot, don't you think? Smiley


yanyan said...

hahaha me me!
i eat those two things together. yummy! hehe

Ara said...

yanyan; yeay! ada geng! yumm :D

kiasatina hashim said...

makan fries degan bluberry jam.sedap!

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