Running out of patience

I've always been a pretty patient person, but when sometimes too much is getting too much, it is really testing me lately. If patience is a virtue, then I'm certainly no saint. Hmm..You know the difference in patience and waiting: Patience is waiting gracefully, never losing faith. Grace, huh? Jyeah I'm about as graceful as a baby giraffe. Darlingss,pls do remember that I'm still a human and I do really have feelings too. My faith has its low days too more than I'd care to admit. I can't just forgive and forget and keep doing the same thing until the end. I have my limits too :(

Yada yada yada stop it Ara you're wasting your time saying this because they don't even care. By the end of the day, you're still the one who has to take care of your heart self. Hmm its okay lah. Just be positive in any way you can, Ara. Maybe it all seems so bleak, but remember: the most important fact is that you are hanging on. You haven't given up the fight. You're waiting, whether patiently or not, and you will be rewarded for that time and effort. Your good thing will come. Chill lah!


Anonymous said...

awww why mummy?? chill and byk2 sabar okay. love youu mummy. muahh! :)

Ara said...

love you too myra. muah!

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