Perginya seorang ayam;

After sending my Zetty Ellyssa (the one with blue cardigan) to KLIA today, suddenly I feel like crying. Why? How am I supposed to spend this three weeks without my adorable superayam. uwaaa. See you again during eid, ok love? Thanks a lot for turning up my superlong boring holiday into something awesome. Take care. Jangan ngorat orang lain kat sana! Muah!

Oh, before its too late, Happy Ramadhan to all bloggers. and thanks Lily for the Top10 Beautiful Friends of Mine :) *kembang sikit*

p/s: Anym, sorry upload gambar tak sempat pose, tapi Zetty suka gambar ni -.-


white eve said...

same~ dah kenyataan =)

Ara said...

Lily; aww. thank you syg. malu dah ni. hehe

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