Yesterday we talked so muchhh just like we are the most romantic couple in the world.until 4in the morning i guess.And without even notice I accidentally slept with the phone hang. HAHA.

But i miss her, i love her,i adore her,i hate her.I'm sorry babbyyyyy.. HA HA.And now I'm thinking to post something about her. Si bongok!! I hope u like it :)

Yea yea! First I met her in Cafe B1 when she was having her dinner with Annabeth. I sat there just to talk to Anna, not you OK.. because Anna is hot, Anna is cute, Anna is fat.Sorry babe I met Anna much earlier than u, but u know her earlier than me tooooo.*muke jealous*

That night, Anna was the one who keep talking and even introduce yourself as Kerepek.What was playing in my mind "She's kinda shy. I don't like this type of people." HA HA.

few days later Lynne told me that she met you somewhere near the lecture hall and she said u was so cute wearing red baju kurung. I was like scratching my head with blur face, and ask her back "Muka dia camne?aku x ingat ah" HAHA.

it was Friday, yet i was eating alone in cafe. and there you were. Kerepek was there too.Kerepek came and sit with me, talked to me nicely, no more shy yeahhh.
Ok then only i know your name is Kua Beng Gek. I prefer to call your English name, Ivin, sounds more feminine. HA HA.We went to bakery together to buy junkfoods * I just ate that time lol*.u bought me that cuteee and tiny cupcakes. And do u still remember where did I hang it? HA HA.

And start from there, I know that my romantic percentage towards u was 100%. kan?kan?
*bangga* Since our room is quite near, we did something stupid too, stalk each other through the window, heyz we did scream tooo. remember? HA HA.
I admit that I used to bully people that I love so much.. See I love your Patrick pretty well too. do you still remember how I hang him on top of my room's window? HA HA. What else i did to him? A lot.
Plussss..those miserable notes u sent meee...
Too much lol.

Well theres a lot more actually,if I want to tell everything, mati lah aku..sikit2 tu mcm our own celebration for Lantern Festival, our illegal celebration for Hari Raya,Chicken Dance party, Anna's birthday party, Ivin's birthday party, Lesbo Party- eh, got mehhhh? HAHA.
We did through all the happy & sad moment together, share most of the secrets, having our deep conversation in my so-called-privacy place.ehem..
We missed each other, we hate each other, we scolded each other, we yelled each other, we bullied each other,we annoyed each other.

Oh gosh! For those moment that we spent together, I admit that I really miss you. ;( Ivin, I never met such bongok Chinese like youuuu, anna, kim lin (semua kesygn lah). Heyz, plzz don't get me confuse with your alien language no more yaa.kau bikin aku pening! And now u can start counting my romantic percentage again. with uncertainty 0.0001 also I don't mind. AHAH.
here, my lovely bongok, Ivin :)

Ivin also known as;
- Ivink
- Kua Beng Gek
- Ivin Beng Gek binti Kua
- Kasanova
- Player
- Dinasour Lalat
- Bongok
- Babyyyy
- Buntal
- Pengumpul Kurap
- Lau Tai Po
- Qiao Po
- Kerepek etc :)


ivink said...

tats y lah tibe2 ak cm ckap ngan udara je~!!
ko ni...bongok btol la, haha~

"She's kinda shy. I don't like this type of people."
ayat ni made ur % romantik bcom: -2.oo17%

"Muka dia camne?aku x ingat ah"
ni jdi: -20.177777156%

n n n n summore2 made it bcom -200000017.17171715666699% wahaha!! XD

ur sweetness
ur sincere
ur kesengalan
made it bcom....

217.156% =)

conclusion: I LOVE YOU seriusly bongok Alapa aku, muacKssss...^^

ivink said...

ps: apesal wif the ngarut nickname tuu

ps2: n sape yg the first ppl tat tick OK kat box tu?????? O.o

AraBadrul said...

hehe ckp ngn angin? soryyyy
yg thick kt box tu aku pon tataw
tataw nak check camne

ivink said...

hahaa...sape yg tick tu, muncul lah pls, wahaha=p

NymNym said...

sengal lah ini ivink!
rindu die kot.
tak sempat nak kenal lelame.
tgk gamba patrick dgn nana dlm fon aku,
aku teringat kat die.

AraBadrul said...

jampi lah ivin oi :p

erm.nym,ivin mmg sengal. simpan lah ye.

ivink said...

nymnym rindu kt ak eh??
trharu ni, happy ni, heee!! ^++^
u puji sy sengal i pon x kesah, haha.
rugi lah u x sempat nk knl ngan sy. ur loss.
syg kt patrick n nana.
miss u too nym dear, muaxx^^

AraBadrul said...

amboih!nym dear dah haa.
tambah koleksi eh makcik?

aLi said...

u know what..
im looking at ur blog..
and suddenly my heart are at ease..
and im picking some mood rite now !
thx ara !

AraBadrul said...

ahah. wlcome dear :)

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