Life Goes On

nightmare again.
this is the 2nd time,the same flash,the same story
it was the same thing
it keeps calling me,disturbing me, destroying me.
spoil my sleep, spoil everything.
it burns me up. and i'm tired.i'm scared.
yg jd mangsa duyung aku lah kene jwb aku call pagi2 buta.
im soryyy dear ;(

i supposed to meet Iqi today
but i asked him to postpone since im not fully well yet
im so sorry bro ;'(
yeah i went to clinic,by my own ;(
nvm, i try to understand,
everybody is busy with their own stuff
ok then mind your own business!

i'm thinking of arwah.he was a good friend of mine.
oh God, life is too short.
for those who still alive,
don't waste your time
don’t wait for something outside of yourself
to make you happy in the future..
think how really precious is the time you have to spend,
whether it’s at work or with your family..
whatever it goes on

Lot of love,

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