One joy scatters a hundred griefs

I've been away for a lil while yaaa.sorry ivin aku hilang sekejap :)

1st May
i spent the whole day working my ass on cleaning my house, tetibe ade mood rajin lol. n i'm done all downstair parts onlyyyy..ok la than nothing riteee..

2nd May
i went to Banting for a wedding.feeling not really well maybe because my stomach couldnt accept rice too much plusss the journey was bored and tiring too.

I've told my mum that i'm going to kuantan with yda on 12th. there's no answer yet. Hah no worry, it will be okayyyy..pray-pray-pray!

after reached home, rest for a while, then went to giant kota damansara to get some groceries.
went back home, cooked.then went to ktm sg.buloh to pick Ripa.She was staying in my house last night.sorry for the inconvenience ya was all unprepared.i'm sorry..

Aisha & Claudia have been kicked out from AF. hah.actually i wished both three of them together with Isma too..HAHA. vote for Aril to back in (to make my mum happyyy lah)..aku heran apa. HAHA

Oh yaa.. To Santer & Diba, u are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime. Happy birhtday yaaa..
i sent a message to Shawal wishing his birthday but it was actually not. embrassing ;(

3rd May
again, I wished my sister's boyf birthday since i was told by my sis that his birthday is on 3rd of may. it was awful when he replied me that his birthday is actually on 4th. Bodo nyeee!! Kakak aku punye pasal lah ni!

I woke up early in the morning I need to send Ripa to pudu.sym Ripa! after that, i walked alone to CM,took a train straight to taman jaya to meet Imran, Am, Krol, Azim, Kak Zila. we had a plan for abg Hisham's birthday sis couldn't manage to help us, she might be late cause she had something to do in her lab.nvm..lepak je kt strbucks amcorp mall tu bergosip.Hehe. About 1pm, sis & abg Sham came, and we ate, talked n laughed a lottttt..

and him... hurmm.nvm..

4th May
happy birthday Masrul Hisham.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
now is 5.31 am. :) and I would begin my day with smile

imysm duyung ;(

i'm having a date with my lovely besties Diyana Amira at 2.
ari tu nak jumpe Iqi, aku aku ok, iqi?exm ke.hehe.
tape2 next time ya.
so i'l better sleep right now. yeah.mwahxs3!

i gtg. chow!



ixzat90 said...

gituahhh dieeeee....
jln2 kt CM xajak akuuuu...
majuk ah gini...:(((

rifa said...

it was more than enough dear.
thank u soooo much.
but rasa mcm na cari org curi tiket aku tikam sampai mati.
hahaa :))

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