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5 May,
I was shocked when I received a message from Anym telling me that she's on the way to KL. In the evening, I met Anym in Pekeliling and we took a train to Times Square to meet Aiman, Zizi and Apek. Then we straight to Stesen Batu Tiga to meet Zetty. During the night, we were having our dinner somewhere in Sunway.

6 May,
The guys went to Air Terjun Ulu Yam. Since the place is quite far from the house, we,the girls decided to spend our time at the curve which is nearer. We took a cab there. Having our lunch in kopitiam station.then just walk around there. took a lot of pictures. & karaoke.then we asked yda to come along and join us. during the night, we're having our dinner at a very special restaurant in damansara. then, amsyar sent us home. thanks a lot.







waiting for yda & amsyar.

with yda & amsyar.


GIRLS, meet Amsyar!

-Faiz Amsyar, 21, single.
-he was my senior back in smart
-caring, kindhearted, layan ajee :)

7 May
meet this cute little girl. she is noisy and soooo adorable. not like her aunt okayyy. hehe.

Cinta Fitri

Sunway pyramid- we went there 1st to buy some stuff as preparation to get wet in sunway lagoon. unexpectedly, we met someone-he was holding hand with a girl who act like she's sooo hott! blah la wey.
Sunway Lagoon-to celebrate azizi's & am's birthday. it was extremely fun.there's a lot of different s between going there with family and friends.i mean it.
we paid rm58 each for Water park & Amusement Park ticket. i tried everything- Cameroon Climb, Congo Challenge (anym was injured, yda was refused to play), Roller Coaster (i hate this one), Buffalo Bill Coaster,Tomahawk (i was the only girl who played) Niagara Falls Flume Ride & Colorado Splash, Wagon Wheel, etc.
then we took some photos (sadly there's no picture has been taken in the wet areas) and we headed ourselves to Sunway pyramid since evrybody were craving for mcd!

zetty & zizi the photographers

i was the photographer

the gay partners

Zizi&Mar, Aiman&Apek, Am&Long
*Mar and Long were new*

thanks to apek & zizi who sent us home :)

during the night, zetty, anym, amsyar & halil (new friend) joined Yan's birthday party with Hafiz & Sharifah. Yda & I went out for karaoke & then we hang out at Mali Corner in Setapak. When Anym, Zetty & others came, we stayed for a while just to spend a little more time with Zizi since it was his last day of being in kl. when everybody couldn't stop yawning, we decided to go home. i was sleeping for the whole journey & followed by anym too. :) thats it.

8 May,
2pm, then only we got up from sleep. after lunch, we didn't go anywhere. Zizi had arrived JB and yda was going back to Bangi on the same day. during the night, Amsyar & Halil came to pick up Yda. Yda came back for a while because she left her ic and bank cards in my purse. then we waited for Aiman to come, he stayed with us since Apek was busy with his relative's wedding. That night, we talked a lot. After 12am( 9 May), Zizi called. it was his birthday. and Am's birthday too. may god bless u both guys :) Zizi and me were on call until 5am if i'm not mistaken. Aiman, Zetty & Anym slept together with the tv on & I was sleeping alone in room. sob sob sob.

9 May,

Happy Birthday Azizi Hilmi

Followed Zetty to send her mum, adek to her friend's house, baby to her friend's birthday party & went back to my place for a while because my mum asked for key. after having nasi lemak in zetty's house, we just 'lepak'ing and watching, shin chan and continued with Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam (nothing to do mehhh.)
at night, went to OU.

the movie that night was Coming Soon.This movie scared me from the second I step inside the movie theatre. It get me wondering if something or someone might be waiting for me to let me guard down. The horror movie that I just saw was about to happen to me in real life. However, at the end of the movie, I was busy with my phone. hehe. It was 12am (10may)- I was busy typing msg to Firdaus. howyeah, our 1st anniversary. ilysdfm :)
after that, our next location was uptown d'kota.nothing much, we're just walked around there and walk away. Haha.back home & sleep.

10 May,
we watched tv for the whole day. and in the evening, we played badminton outside the house.


then, we were ready to have our dinner outside with zety's mum. it was Wafa Seafood,nearer to my house compared to zetty's but i never went there before. Hehe.

after dinner, we back to zetty's house again. oh yaa.another photography session. Haha.

thanks to aiman the photographer.

11 May,
woke up earlier than the other day.after having breakfast, we decided to play badminton (ehem, we didn't shower yet.shh!) Haha. then, Aiman told that Mar, the one that we met at sunway lagoon that day asked us to go out. He came and waited for us to get ready. Hehe. The curve & Cineleisure again. the nearest to our place lol.
karaoke for 2hours (check out the videos in anym's post titled Kuala Lumpur).

& bla-bla-bla.Mar sent us back to Zetty's house.Thank you so much Mar :)

During the night, i asked zetty to send me home. they were like really interested with guitar hero i guess. zetty was a good drummer, aiman was a good guitarist & anym was good at everything. hihihi. :) that was my final day meeting them. They went back to Kuantan a day after. Sob sob sob.
Thanks for a very wonderful moment that i will never ever forget.
thank you so muchhhh!!


::Ellyssa::Kayu ::Miss Ken:: said...

cinta is so cute and adorable juz exactly like her aunt ok...
missing these moments...

NymNym said...

& anym was good at everything. hihihi. :)

haha. tak boleh bla.
nganjeng kuat.
hehehe. :P
hey, babe.
thx 4 the moments.
sayangnyee dekat andaa!
rindu gile.
ish ish ish~
dtg la kuantan!

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