Happy Sunday!

I supposed to be in my uni today but seems like I still got something to do regarding to my family matters,so my sister and I decided to go back on tomorrow. Somehow I need to have to be there before 8pm because I'm gonna have my Principal of Management test tomorow's night. Wish me luck okay because its all depends on my luck since I didn't touch any book for this whole week. *sigh*

*the little things by colbie caillat* sounded,my phone vibrated and
I looked at the screen.. Its MAMAT! Its been a long time that I didnt hear his voice at all. Rindu kot...Sembang sembang sembang.. and bla bla bla.. Okay long story,cut short.
Today is Mamat's Birthday!!! On your birthday, let me wish you plenty of joy. I know you're too old, thats why I don't buy you any toy. Hehehe.

Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.
Happy Birthday Mamat :)


Yayan Yaacob said...

Kak Rfaaaaaaa ! Rinduuu gila kot :(

Sharifah Itasha Jamalullai said...

happy beday to mamat too!!

AraBadrul said...

itasha, aku bg wakil mamat cakap thanks HAHAHA

yayan, rinduuu gilaaa sangat kat awk la syg ku intan payung HAHAHA

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